PTBA 220/ BASIC 0227 – Physiology IV

Course lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Sobhy El-Kafafy

Course assistant :

  • Prof. Dr.: Sammah El-Attar
  • Assistant Lecturer: Bassant Ashraf

Course objectives :

This course provides a study program, which help the students to acquire new knowledge and skills essential for the study and the practice of physical thyrapy After finishing this course the student will be able to:

1- Describe in simple terms in Cardiovascular system and Endocrine System

2- Describe and discuss the concept of “ Normal ” and indicate the acceptable ranges for the different functions and functional limits of Cardiovascular system of the human body under variable physiological conditions.

3- Describe the functional limits of Endocrine System and its variable conditions

4- Indicate the application of the physiological principles and concepts in his future practice.

Course description :

Physiology of Cardiovascular System Physiology of Endocrine System

Course assessment :

final (100mark)/ Practical (30 mark)/ Oral (30 Mark) / Quiz (10 mark)/ Midterm (20 mark) / Presentation (10 mark)

Recommended text books :


Recommended refrences :