PTBA 112 – Biophysics

Course lecturer :

  • Dr.Bohaysa Ali

Course assistant :

  • Asmaa magdy Eman Ahmed
  • Eman Ahmed

Course objectives :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to;

  1. Have a good information about waves , short wave and ultrasound.
  2. Studing the forces and Biomechanics of the body.
  3. Have information about laser Technology

Course description :

This course is characterized with high level immersion into physics and physical chemistry to study molecular biology of living cells. It emphasizes on frequencies and resonance of neural elements, neuromuscular junction and peripheral nerves. Tutorial labs emphasizes on measuring waves , frequencies and intensities.

Course assessment :

Quiz 5% Assignment 10% Mid- term written exam 15% Final -term written exam 70% Total 100%

Recommended text books :

  • Biophysics: An Introduction By Roland Glaser (2012) • Medical Physics, by Martin Hollins
  • Medical Physics, by John R. Cameron and James G. Shofronck
  • General Physics, by Morton M. Sternheim and Joseph W. Kane