What is Institutional repository?

An Institutional Repository (IR) is an online archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution. It contains the scholarly works of the university in the form of a defined database for collecting storing, preserving and disseminating research ouputs. IT can be perceived as a digital archive of the intellectual product created by the faculty, research staff and students and made accessible to end users both within and outside the institution on an open access platform.

Repositories are spreading because

  • Supplementary to traditional publication
  • Do not affect current research publication processes
  • Give  long-term rapid and easy access to documentation
  • Increase readership and use of material
  • They offer advantages to institutions in terms of visibility
  • They offer new ways for information to be linked and used
  • They offer journal publishing facilities


Institutional Repositories are

  • Freely accessible web-based databases providing access to the full text of scholarly material produced by members of an institution.
  • It contains Scholarly content, published articles, books, book sections, preprints and working papers, conference papers, student theses, datasets, etc.
  • Interoperable open access free, online, global, utilising standards