PL 706 – Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics

Course lecturer :

  • Prof . Inas Darwish
  • Ass. Prof. Wessam El Hadidy

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

This course is designed to deal with advanced knowledge of endocrine and metabolic disorders, respiratory pharmacology, drugs for gastrointestinal and liver diseases, renal Pharmacology and chemotherapeutic agents.

Course description :

This three credit hours course in second level of Master\’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences replenish the candidate with recent international guidelines of important therapeutics in studied fields

Course assessment :

• Continuous assessment: 30% (90 marks)

• Midterm exam: 20% (60 marks)

• Final written exam: 40% (120 marks)

• Final oral exam: 10% (30 marks)

Recommended text books :

• Derek Waller Tony Sampson. Medical Pharmacology& Therapeutics 4th ed. Saunders Ltd, 2013

• Laurence L. Brunton, Randa Hilal-Dandan, Björn C. Knollmann. Goodman& Gilman\’s The Pharmacological Basis Of Therapeutics 13th ed. McGraw-Hill Education, 2017.

Recommended refrences :

• Eugene C. Toy, David S. Loose, Shelley A. Tischkau, Anush S. Pillai. Case Files Pharmacology 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill Education, 2013

• Chisholm-Burns MA, Wells BG, Schwinghammer TL. Pharmacotherapy principles & practice. McGraw-Hill; 2016.