PL 102 – Cell biology

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. sherihan SalahEldin
  • Dr. Lamia Kandil

Course assistant :

T.A Ahmed Ashmawy

Course objectives :

The cell biology course is a basic science introductory course with no prerequisites. Fitting with the education mission and curriculum of the “Faculty of Pharmacy – Pharos University”, the course is rather considered as a prerequisite for “Anatomy & Histology”, “Biochemistry”, Pharmacology by providing a sufficient background to enable students to continue with these courses. The practical cell & molecular biology course is taught with simple techniques and equipment to illustrate some basic facts and concepts of cell biology. The laboratory time will be dedicated to guide the students through a close student-staff interaction to learn how to analyze and organize information using skills of observation and interpretation. By participating in all laboratory aspects of the course, students are expected to adequately master the material presented and experience directly the technical nature of the subject

Course description :

• The course includes the following topics:

o Cell structure & function,

o Cell metabolism, o Membrane structure ,

o Membrane pumps, carriers & channels,

o Cell cycle & Cell death, cancer cells, o Nucleotide structure and function.

Course assessment :

• Classwork: 30 marks includes:

o Assignment: 10 marks

o Interactive learning: 10 marks

o Tutorials: 10 marks

• Midterm exam: 20 marks

• Final exam: 50 marks

Recommended text books :

• Cell Biology. Thomas D. Pollard, William C. Earnshaw W.B. Saunders Company 2nd Edition.

Recommended refrences :