Course lecturer :

Dr Ola Kamel
Dr Heba hazzah

Course assistant :

Dr aya mabrouk
dr soha younis

Course objectives :

After completion of the course, the students will be provided with the essential unit operations involved in the production of pharmaceuticals such as evaporation, drying, size reduction, size enlargement, filtration, centrifugation, emulsification, & mixing processes. In addition, they will study some of the commonly encountered problems occurring during the large scale production of pharmaceuticals.

Course description :

Students are to be introduced to the basic concepts involved in the manufacture of various drug dosage forms on large scale efficiently and economically.

Course assessment :

Total Marks: 200 Marks

Assessment form % contribution
% Mark
Mid-semester Written Exam (20%) 40
Interactive modules and course work (30%) 60
Final Written Exam (50%) 100
Total (100 %) 200

Recommended text books :

Recommended refrences :