PL 707 – Applied experimental pharmacology

Course lecturer :

Dr.Mennatallah Ismail
Dr.Mennatallah Gowayed
Dr.Samar El-Ganainy

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

• Identify different major types of instruments used in pharmacological experiments.
• Characterize different methodologies for -vivo modeling of various diseases.
• Understand basics of laboratory safety measures & ethical issues of experimental studies

Course description :

This course is designed to deal with selected biological experiments intended to teach and train the student to prepare experimental animals, isolated tissues/organs preparation, cell lines and other advanced methodologies and evaluation techniques used to determine efficacy and toxicity of drug therapy.

Course assessment :

• Continuous assessment: 30% (90 marks)
• Midterm exam: 20% (60 marks)
• Final written exam: 40% (120 marks)
• Final oral exam: 10% (30 marks)

Recommended text books :

• Experimental Pharmacology For Undergraduates& Postgraduates
• Pharmacology Laboratory Manual: Experimental
• Studies On Experimental Toxicology& Pharmacology

Recommended refrences :