PC 706 – Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy Dr. Sameh Younis Dr. Karin Magdi

Course assistant :

This is a post graduate course not senior

Course objectives :

To build on the content of Analytical & Instrumental Analysis (PC 603) by introducing more details in the fundamental aspects of pharmaceutical analysis. This course gives the details of various methods and techniques utilized in pharmaceutical analysis such as spectroscopic, chromatographic and electro-analytical techniques.

Course description :

The following topics will be taught during this course: 1-Potentiometric methods: General principles, reference electrodes, liquid-junction potentials, indicator electrodes, instruments for measuring cell potentials, direct potentiometric measurements & potentiometric titrations. 2- Electrogravimetric & coulometric methods. 3- Molecular ultraviolet/visible absorption spectroscopy. 4- Molecular-fluorescence spectroscopy. 5- Atomic spectroscopy based upon flames. 6- Infrared and Raman spectroscopy. 7- Emission spectroscopy. 8- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy: Theory and instrumentation, the chemical shift, timedependence of NMR phenomena, spin-spin coupling, NMR spectroscopy of nuclei other than protons & analytical application. 9- Mass spectrometry. 10- Analytical separations: Separation by extraction & separation by ion exchange. 11- Chromatographic methods: Migration rates of solutes, the efficiency of chromatographic columns, column resolution, application of chromatography, gas-liquid chromatography & high performance liquid chromatography.

Course assessment :

1. Mid-term exam 60 marks (20 %) 2. Final written exam 120 marks (40 %) 3. Final oral exam 30 marks (10 %) 4. Interactive learning 40 marks (13 %) 5. Course work 50 marks (17 %)

Recommended text books :

• Textbook of Pharmaceutical Drug Analysis; M. Zaffar Ahmad and Mohamed Ali, 1st edition, 2009. • Skoog& West\’s Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, Douglas A. Skoog & Others, 9th edition, 2014. • Quantitative Chemical Analysis : Daniel C.Harris, 6th edition, published by W.H. Freeman & Co., Gordonsuilli, Virginia, USA, 2003 • Analytical Chemistry; Gary D. Christian, 6th edition, John Wiley Inc, 2004. HPLC: Quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical formulation: Sethi, 3rd edition, 2010.

Recommended refrences :

• Quantitative Chemical Analysis : Daniel C.Harris, 9th edition, published by W.H. Freeman & Co., Gordonsuilli, Virginia, USA, 2015 • Analytical Chemistry; Gary D. Christian, 7th edition, 2013, John Wiley Inc, 2004.