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  • المعايير القومية الأكاديمية القياسية 2009 إضغط هنا.
    (المتبناه من كلية الصيدلة و التصنيع الدوائي , جامعة فاروس بالاسكندرية)
Course codeCourse titleCredit hoursLTP Pre-requisites
PC 205Organic Chemistry III2112PC 103
PC 206Analytical Chemistry II3112PC 104
PG 202Pharmacognosy II3202PG 101
PM 203Virology & Parasitology2210PL 102
PM 201Pharmaceutical Microbiology3202PL 102
PP 202Physical Pharmacy3212PC 101
UGE 03English III2042UGE 02
Total semester credit hours18
Course codeCourse titleCredit hoursLTP Pre-requisites
PC 307Instrumental Analysis3212PC 103
PG 304Phytochemistry II3202PC 104
PL 308Biochemistry II3212PG 101
PL 309Pharmacology I3202PL 102
PM 305Public Health2200PL 102
PN 302Pharmacy Law and Legislations1100PC 101
PP 305Pharmaceutics II4312UGE 02
Total semester credit hours19
Course codeCourse titleCredit hoursLTP Pre-requisites
PHR 428Medicinal Chemistry II4312PHR 327
PHR 461Pharmacogenetic&Pharmacoimmunology221--PHR 252
PHR 403Library and Drug Information21--2--
PHR 481Pharmacology II32--2PHR 380
PHR 415Hospital Pharmacy221-GEN 103
PHR 416Principles & Kinetics of drug Stability32--2PHR 212, 312
PHR 413Sterile Preparations21--2PHR 212
Total semester credit hours20
Course codeCourse titleCredit hoursLTP Pre-requisites
PHR 525Analytical Quality Control3212PHR 428
PHR 505Industrial Quality Control and GMP3212PHR 404
PHR 582Bioevaluation and Drug Screening32--2PHR 481
PHR 583Pharmacotherapeutics221--PHR 481
PHR 513Cosmetics221--PHR 212
PHR 570First Aid111--PHR 481
Elective (2 courses)4--------
Total semester credit hours18

National Academic Reference Standards (NARS 2009) Click here

(Adopted by faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing , Pharos University in Alexandria)

Pharm D – (New Bylaw 2019) – First Year – Semester 1

Course codeCourse titleCredit hoursLTP Pre-requisites
PPD 101Pharmacy Orientation1100---
PPD 102Medical Terminology1100---
PCD 101Pharmaceutical AnalyticalChemistry I3212---
PCD 102Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I3212---
PCD 103Mathematics1110---
PCD 104Information Technology I2102---
PGD 101Human Rights and Fighting Corruption1100---
PLD 101Cell Biology2210---
UGA 03Arabic Language Skills2200---
UGE 01English (1)2022---
Total semester credit hours18---