Wednesday 20/9/2017

The faculty of Arts and Design held an orientation day for the newly enrolled students on Wednesday 20/9/2017. At the outset of the orientation day, Prof. Hana Yassen, the Dean of the faculty of Arts and Design, gave some words in which she welcomed the new students and their parents. Then, she defined the vision, mission and goals of the faculty to the attendees. These words followed by a documentary on Pharos University and the activities and services it provides its students. A PowerPoint file was then displayed to introduce the new students to the faculty’s five departments and specialized programs as well as the fields the students could affiliate themselves to after graduation. The five departments are listed as follows:

  • Décor Department (Interior Design Program – Expressive Arts Program which focuses on the designs of theaters, Cinemas and TV studios).
  • Painting Department (Drawing and Painting Program – Mural Design Program).
  • Graphic Department (Graphic Design Program – Illustration Program).
  • Media Arts Department (Digital Media Program- Animation and Video Film Program).
  • Fashion Design Department.

The artistic works of the faculty students were also displayed during the orientation session. The new students were then apprised of the grading system of each course and provided with instructions on how to use the university official website to be informed of schedules, dates of exams, results and GPA. During the session, the new students were also introduced to the freshmen academic advisor and the head of the complaints commission.