Opening New Playgrounds at Pharos University

Prof. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen- the President of the university opened new playgrounds at PUA that were considered as a new addition for the huge campus of Pharos University. These new playgrounds included football pitch, volleyball court, basketball court and Ping Pong hall. This was achieved after Eng. Alaa Ragab- the Chairman Board of Trustees had given approval to plan of developing the playgrounds. This was held in the presence of the Vice Presidents, the Deans, faculty member, teaching assistants and a large number of students. The event also witnessed a sports festival that started with taking pictures for memory’s sake, to be followed by a competition between the Deans where they made free throws at the basketball court. Then teams from all PUA faculties competed in different games. At the end, PUA team played matches of Volleyball, Athletics and Ping Pong with the faculty of Physical Education for Girls at Alexandria University.