Open vacancies from AHBS Through Prof. Dr./ Ramadan Abu El- Ella Vice president of Community Service & Environmental Development Affairs

  • Mobile Developer
  • Technical Team Leader (Scrum Master)
  • Senior SharePoint Developer
  • Senior CRM Developer
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Senior Software Quality Engineer
  • Software Development Manager
  • PHP Developer

Please send your CV on the following e-mail and write your applied position in the subject:

About AHBS

Andalusia Health care business solutions (AHBS) specialized in the field of information system technologies and most of its branches including internet, desktop applications, web-based applications and healthcare solutions. Also provide the technological consultancy for developing business using the latest techniques in information systems. Creativity is the core of work & technological development are the outcome of the efforts to reach logical solutions that satisfy the customers and help them to achieve their goals, with lowest level of cost, efforts and time, to reach the maximum profit and revenue.

AHBS brings effective technological value propositions to your business, built upon application research and development, consulting and partnering with various technology leaders worldwide. In order to provide customer with solutions that meet their specific business needs focus is on solving your business problems rather than trying to burden you with complex processes.

  • Cube Building approach.
  • Smart Achievements approach.
  • Assignments & Profile Settings approach.