Pursuing the policy of Pharos University in applying sustainable development principles in different fields for being a main prerequisite to meet the needs of the next generations, the faculty of Mass Communication holds a seminar entitled “Media and Sustainable Development” to raise the students’ awareness of the concept of sustainable development. This is held on Tuesday, the 6th of November 2019 at 12.30 pm. The seminar’s keynote speaker is Prof. Waleed Abdelazim, the head of the Sanitary Engineering Department in the faculty of Engineering- Alexandria University and a consultant for the Governor of Alexandria on environmental engineering. Prof. Waleed Abdelazim is going to speak about Egypt’s vision 2030 for sustainable development as well as the successful experiences in the field of development. It is worth mentioning that the proceedings of the seminar also witness the participation of Prof. Mohamed Fouad, the media consultant and the general advisor of the Content Development Unit at Alexandria University Office where he speaks about the role of mass media and social media in backing up the sustainable development plans, in addition to outlining a sustainable development vision for the future.