In the light of the continued seeking of PUA to find new ways of collaboration with highly ranked universities around the world especially in the field of Learning Arabic as Foreign Language – TAFL, PUA welcomed a visit from Marburg University- Germany. The delegation consisted of:

-Dr. Leslie Tramontini, Head of department of CNMS (Center for Near and Middle East Studies)

-Ms. Irene Elkhorazaty, Head of Liaison Office Cairo, Philipps-Universität Marburg.

They were welcomed by:

1- Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El Din, President of Pharos University in Alexandria.

2- Prof. Nourhan Fanaky, Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs.

3- Prof. Layla Kamel, Dean of Faculty of Languages and Translation

4- Dr. Mennatallah Gowayed, International Relations Coordinator of PUA

5- Ms. Aza Bendary, Arabic language lecturer at Faculty of Languages and Translation

6- Mr. Abdelfatah Kamel, Arabic language lecturer at Faculty of Languages and Translation

The meeting included discussions about sending German students to learn Arabic Language at the Arabic Language Centre, The delegation also visited the TAFL center where they praised the enormous features of PUA which will facilitate the starting of the collaboration between the two sides in the near future.