In the framework of the keenness of PUA to develop students’ communication skills, the faculty of Mass Communication organized a seminar entitled “Frist Aid: Your Safety in Your Hands” on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. The coordination of this seminar was managed by the fourth year students, under the supervision of Prof. Azza Othman, the faculty Dean, Dr. Hussien Ali Abo Omar, a Lecturer in the Public Relations and Advertising Department and Ms. Hagar Ali. The seminar was delivered by Prof. Moustafa Hazem El Sherif, the Head of American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO). The seminar addressed many aspects of first aid such as:

  • How to aid those who have injuries from road accidents?
  • How to raise awareness of first aid among family and friends?
  • What are the most popular cases that had health crises causing their death?
  • A practical explanation of how to help those who are unconscious or fainted.

He also mentioned other aspects that may help students in dealing with urgent problems in their lives including an application on a “Medical Ventilator” that is used for both ventilation and cardiac resuscitation. It is worth mentioning that the students have applied the practical part of how to firstly aid such cases.