Fall Days Novel Tuesday 8/5/2018

The faculty of Mass Communication held a seminar to discuss the “Fall Days” novel for the novelist Hossam Aladly which is being adapted into a film. This was held on Tuesday 8/5/2018 at room G513 at the faculty of Mass Communication.
At the beginning of the seminar, Prof. Fawzi Abdel Ghani, the Dean of the faculty of Mass Communication, welcomed the novelist Hossam Aladly and Ms. Amal Sobhy, the renowned media figure. Then, Dr. Ragaa Elghamrawy took the floor and managed the attendees’ questions for the keynote speaker especially about his experience in literature. At the end of the seminar, Hossam Aladly presented copies of the “Fall Days” novel to the most responsive attendees in the seminar. This was held in the presence of a considerable number of students, faculty members and teaching assistants.