Es 805 – Elective

Course lecturer :

Dr. Nesreen Ahmed Abdel Hamid

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

This course aims at describing some of Egypt\’s most famous archaeological sites with a focus on words and terms commonly used in the field of tourist guidance, in addition to training the student in practice on how to use these texts in the oral language.

Course description :

– Recognize foreign language skills needed to understand to understand oral and written texts in archaeological and touristic fields. – Identify the archaeological and touristic language from Spanish into Arabic and vice versa. – Distinguish archaeological and touristic terminology.

Course assessment :

Mid Term Exam 20 Assignments & quizzes 20 Final wriiten exam 60

Recommended text books :

– Jacques Pirenne, Historia del Antiguo Egipto. Ed. Oceano (3 volumenes), 1960 – Robert Solé, Diccionario Egipto. Ed. Paidós. 2003

Recommended refrences :

– Nicolas Grimal, Historia del Antiguo Egipto, Akal – Joseb Padró, El Egipto del Imperio antiguo. Madrid