Es 803 – Latin American Literature III

Course lecturer :

Dr. Nesreen Ahmed Abdel Hamid

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

This course aims to Acquiring the ability to write an article in Spanish on the subjects specified in the course, with a general overview of the application on the basis of the correct writing. To study the Latin american important literary movements (Boom, Realismo magico), and the literary genres in the 20 Century: poetry, novel and essay.

Course description :

a. 1. To know how to write an article with integrated elements. a. 2. To understand what is read, and explain, and accurately enumerate elements. a. 3. To summarize any article and express his views, and write on any subject in a sound language and identify the most important signs, and assess them. a. 4. To conclude the text of the texts that he reads, and explain difficult words, and compare his readings and choose what suits him.

Course assessment :

Assessment Form Grades% c1. Mid-term exam 20 c2. Assignments & quizzes 20 c3. Final written exam 60

Recommended text books :

José Manuel Cabrales, Guillermo Hernandez, Literatura española y Latinoamericana II, Madrid, SGEL.

Recommended refrences :

Brynt, Shasta. A selective bibliography of bibliographies of Hispanic American litera- ture. Washington, Pan American Union, 1960.