ENM 404 – Advanced Reading and Writing

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Nadia Touba

Course assistant :

  • Ms. Dina Taymour

Course objectives :

This course helps students to develop a deep understanding of a variety of reading texts. It includes poetry, short stories and reading passages. The process of comprehension leads to the expansion of the comprehension by involving students in writing activities like: writing the ending of a story, expressing personal experiences/opinions. Attention is given to grammatical, semantic and syntactic accuracy in the writing assignments

Course description :

The course covers a variety of reading and listening texts and materials. Students are expected to go beyond the material and find hidden meaning. Some language exercises are included which focus on idioms and other grammatical points that are identified in the course of the work.

Course assessment :

20% Mid term Exam 20% Coursework 60% Final Exam

Recommended text books :

Seely, J. (1983) Reading with Understanding 2. Oxford: Oxford University Press Beaty & Hunter (Eds) (1998) The Norton Introduction to Literature. USA: Norton & Company. Whiteson, V. (Ed) (1996) New Ways of Using Drama & Literature in Language Teaching. TESOL

Recommended refrences :

Ruetten, M. (1997) Developing Composition Skills. USA: Heinle & Heinle Publisher Bennett, Cowan & Hay (Eds.) ( 1970) Spectrum Two: Modern Short Stories. Essex, England: Longman