EN 202 - Translation

Course lecturer :

Dr.Ahmed Abd El latif

Course assistant :

  • Ms. Basma Eid
  • Ms. Aya Ahmed

Course objectives :

By the end of this course student should be able to : -Translate different texts. -apply various translation strategies. -provide linguistic analysis for the discussed texts.

Course description :

This course focuses on the informative and expressive types of texts ,it also aims to train students to acquire a high proficiency in language that is necessary for the job market, and familiarize them with different cultural backgrounds of the language they are studying (English-Arabic) so that they can translate texts accurately and faithfully.

Course assessment :

Mid-term exam 20 Marks Course work 20 Marks Final written exam 60 Marks

Recommended text books :

Kelly,Dorothy (2005) A handbook for Translation trainers, St.Jerome Manchester.

Recommended refrences :