BT 426 – Management Science II

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mostafa Shalash (Ph.D)

Course assistant :

Dr. Mostafa Shalash (Ph.D)

Course objectives :

This course will provide students the knowledge about the basic concepts of the quantitative methods used in business fields and help them in decision making process.

Course description :

This course provide an overview on the expected problems in field of business especially that related to decision making in uncertain conditions and searching for the optimal solutions by analyzing the alternatives.

Course assessment :

  • Continuous Assessment (2 Quizzes) 10 Marks
  • Interactive Learning (Problem Solving) 10 Marks
  • Mid-term Exam 20 Marks
  • Final Exam 60 Marks Total 100 Marks

Recommended text books :

Taylor, W., “Introduction to Management Science” Pearson Education, Inc., 11th ed., 2013

Recommended refrences :

– An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, Revised Thirteenth Edition David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams, Jeffrey D. Camm, & Kipp Martin, 2015