BA 425 – Intermediate Accounting II

Course lecturer :

Noha Said Mohamed Gabr

Course assistant :

Noha Tarek Kataya

Course objectives :

This module is designed to develop the necessary skills to understand major components of financial statements, assess the quality of accounting and identify any distortions of financial performance of an enterprise.

Course description :

The module focuses on the study of accounting principles and procedures related to various complexities comprising business and finance. The module focused on advanced topics for accounting .I t provides an Understanding and interpreting financial statements and analysing them to gain a thorough understanding of the performance of an enterprise as key requisites for successful managers.

Course assessment :

60 final exam 20 midterm exam 20 continuous assessment

Recommended text books :

Kieso, Donald E, Weygand, Jerry J.,|.& Warfield, Terry.|( 2012) Intermediate Accounting, 12th ed., John Wiley& Sons.

Recommended refrences :

Kieso, Donald E, Weygand, Jerry J.,|.& Warfield, Terry.|( 2007) Intermediate Accounting, 8th ed., John Wiley& Sons.