BE 636 – International Economics

Course lecturer :

A. Prof/ Waheed Amer

Course assistant :

Mohamed Mosaad

Course objectives :

By the end of this course,student will be able to: Recognize the importance of international Economic. can calculate the benefit of inter- trade after the inter- trade.and can be recognized the dimensions of tariffs and its affection on the country\’s luxury. And can recognize the importance of the balance of payment of the country and its equilibrium.

Course description :

1- Introduction

2- The International Trade

3- The Basic Concept of international Trade

4- The International Trade Theories

5- The Balance of Payment and its Equilibrium Theories

6- The Basic Analysis of tariff

7- The Traditional Arguments of protection

Course assessment :

written Exam…………………80 mark Research Project…….. .5 marks Assignment + Quizzes …15 marks

Recommended text books :

Steven Husted,Micheal Melvin,Harper Collins Cooege Publishers 2015

Recommended refrences :

waheed Amer, study guide