ME/EM 350 – Pumps Technology

Course lecturer :

  • Prof. Alaa Abo El Ela

Course assistant :

  • Eng. Mohamed Khaled

Course objectives :

by the end of this course participants will: 1- Be familiar with different pump classes and types 2- Be able to operate pumps as close as possible to the design efficiency 3- Be able to monitor pump efficiency, availability and reliability 4- Have learnt about selection and operation and maintenance

Course description :

The main objective of this course is to enhance the academic knowledge in the field of pumps by being familiar with different pump types. The main types, classifications and components are outlined. The proper operation starting and shutdown, procedures will also be reviewed. Operation, maintenance and troubleshooting are discussed.

Course assessment :

Mid Term 20% Quiz 10% Experimental and Practical Report 10% Oral Questions during lectures and tutorials 10% Final 50%

Recommended text books :


Recommended refrences :

Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology, Elsevier (1997)