ME 341 – Control and Safety of Thermal Systems

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Bassem Nashaat Zakher

Course assistant :

  • Eng. Mahmoud Amin

Course objectives :

The aim of this course is to inform the students with the importance of control of thermal system from economical and safe operation points of view.

Course description :

Introduction to control system Process Control Fundamentals Activity (1), Activity (2) Time Response Process Control Fundamentals Activity (3) , Activity (4) Sensors Process Control Loops Time elements, Sensor time response, first order lag, modeling of systems PID control-Ziegler Methods Process Control Loops Dead time lag, Tuning Control loops LAB-FLOW RATE &LEVEL CONTROL Digital System and Control Binary Numbering, Data codes, logic functions, ladder logic diagrams, ladder for pump control Temperature and feed water control Mid Term Exam Feed Forward Control & Ratio Control Boiler efficiency and energy losses Steam turbine controls Modeling of steam turbine and its governing system Presentations.

Course assessment :

Class works including so problems solving assignment 10% Practical Works 5% Reports and Presentations 10% Drop quizzes 5% Mid Term Written Exam 20% Final Written Exam 50%

Recommended text books :

– “Process control systems Design and Tuning\” . 6nd ,New York MC Grawhill 2000

Recommended refrences :

Gilbert Lyman F., Precise Combustion Control Saves Fuel And Power, Chemical Eng .,