HU 161 - Environment and Society

Course lecturer :

Ahmed Helmi

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

To enable students to learn the global environmental challenges, including the threat of climate change, to detect the role of human beings towards the environment and through the concept of Sustainable Development describe the changes that occur to the environment and their effects on the present & future lives of the society.

Course description :

The first part of this course will focus on global ecological issues that have been imposing pressing challenges on the decision-making authorities represented as either world organizations or individual governments. Examples of such global ecological issues are climate change/global warming and the undegradable industrial wastes. The second part of this course will introduce the concept of sustainable development as providing means/tools to the engineers to tackle the global ecological challenges as well as creating a mindset that doesn’t allow having these challenges in the design stage of engineering projects. Examples of sustainable development will be within the engineering disciplines as alternative/green energies and the reuse/recycle of industrial wastes.

Course assessment :

Class Activities as assignments and quizzes / Students Presentations (30), Mid Term Exam (20), Final Exam (50).

Recommended text books :

Recommended refrences :

  • Charles Harper ,\”Environment and Society\”. Edward C. Fuller ,\”Chemistry and Man\’s Environment\”, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, USA