EM 333 – Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Storage

Course lecturer :

Dr. Nourhan Ghoneim

Course assistant :

  • Eng. Fathallah Desouky

Course objectives :

To enable students to introduce renewable sources of energy: nuclear, geothermal, solar and wind energy, provide a full image about the different types of power plants, be familiar with the various types of energy conversion and present all possible techniques of energy storage

Course description :

This course introduces students to: Principles of nuclear energy, nuclear reactors and power plants, geothermal energy, types of geothermal energy systems, solar energy, solar collectors, solar- thermal power systems, solar electric conversion systems, wind energy, thermal storage systems: types and characteristics, course Project.

Course assessment :

Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems, reports and Mini Projects 20 Evaluation of lab reports and oral & practical exams 10 Mid Term Written Exam 20 Final Written Exam 50

Recommended text books :

Da Rosa, A. V.,“Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes “, 3rd Edition, Elsevier,, 2009.

Recommended refrences :

Duffie, J. A., Beckman W. A., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., “Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes “,Second Edition, 1991.