EM 263 – Introduction to Engineering Management

Course lecturer :

  • Prof. Assist. Ahmed Mohammed
  • Al-Sayyd Abdal-Wahhab Abed

Course assistant :

  • Dr. Amira M. Eladly

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to the importance of project management of projects, eliminating project costs and duration, network scheduling technique via graphical evaluation and review technique, which called GERT and tootal PERT/CPM planning, to reduce the time, effort, cost and improve the quality.

Course description :

Introduction to project and their management, Project success factors and KPI, Strategic management of project during fixed time, managing cost via estimation and analysis its types, managing time via construct and analysis NWBS, Network scheduling via CPM/PERT planning, Project graphics and Gantt chart, reducing project duration and save
safety condition and Quality management and Six, Sigma.

Course assessment :

1- Reports
2- Real product imagination Project
3- Drawing standard sheets

Recommended text books :

J. Rodney Turner, “The handbook of project-based management”, McGraw Hill, 2009.

Recommended refrences :

James P. Lewis, "Fundamentals of project management", 2006.
John M. Nicholas & Herman Steyn, " Project Management for
Business Engineering & Technology", 2008