EB132 – Chemistry and materials

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Rehab El-Sharakwy
  • Dr. Wegdan Wagdy

Course assistant :

  • N/A

Course objectives :

The main purpose of this course is to give basic ideas on the chemistry and materials that may be required by architectures in the course of their careers. Also, It develops in students the ability to apply their chemical knowledge and skills to the solution of theoretical problem

Course description :

General Introduction, Electronic configuration and general trends in chemical properties of elements. Material chemistry. Environment chemistry. Chemical analysis of materials components. Chemical reactions in materials. Chemical deterioration of materials. Understanding the building materials, its components, and loads bearing.

Course assessment :

Chemistry and materials is a 2 credit hours course and correspond to 100 marks. The marks are divided as follows: Written Mid-term exam 20 marks 20% Quizzes 10 marks 10% Presentations / Research / IL 20 marks 20% Final written exam 50 marks 50% : 5 Marks Practical Work: 10 Marks

Recommended text books :

William D. Callister, 2007 Material science and Engineering, An Introduction John Wiley and Sons, principles and prevention of corrosion, A. D Jones, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, London, 1996, Metha and Monterio, \”Concrete: Structure, properties and materials\”, 3rd edition, McGrawhill, 2006, .

Recommended refrences :

K. Duggal, 2008; Building Materials, New Age International (P) Ltd