EA312 – Architectural Design Level 4

Course lecturer :

  • Associate Prof. Dalia ElSorady
  • Dr. Mona Naguib
  • Dr. Mona Salem

Course assistant :

  • Arch. Nesreen Aiad
  • Arch. Amani Mesrawi
  • Arch. Hagar Nagy
  • Arch. Yehia Soliman

Course objectives :

Analytical studies are the important aims of this course through: functional relationships between the building components, the relation between the building masses and the given layout, circulation routes, their hierarchy and their relation to the building entrances, exits and the vertical circulation.

Course description :

The course is to teach the students the importance of the hierarchical design process throughout programming, data collection, analysis, searching for ideas, the evaluation and the development of the chosen idea.

Course assessment :

Tutorial assessment and open discussions 5% Projects pre-final phases evaluations 15% Projects final phases evaluations 15% Mid-term exam 15% Final written exam 20% Final oral exam 30%

Recommended text books :

Neufert, E. (1980). “Architect\’s Data”. 2nd Edition. Oxford Publications. Watson, D. (1997). “Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data: The Reference of Architectural Fundamentals” 7th Edition. McGraw Hill. U.S.A.

Recommended refrences :

Montes, C. (2003). “New Offices”. Collins Design. Lloyd, J. (1998). “Architecture and the Environment”. Laurence King Publishing.