EA252 – Colors in Built Environment

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Ingy Naguib
  • Dr. Pakinam Barakat

Course assistant :

  • Arch. Walaa Gharib
  • Arch. Taghreed Ahmed
  • Arch. Abdelrahman Ragheb
  • Arch. Yehia Soliman

Course objectives :

  • To train students to develop an aesthetic approach based on theories.
  • To introduce students to color definitions, theories and application techniques.
  • To teach students how to find their own artistic and creative characters.

Course description :

The Course is to teach the students all about the visual characteristics of materials, and all about the colors whether pigment or light colors.
The course introduces the student to all types of harmonies in color combination, and all theories of colors.
The student is to use gauche and water colors to experience the theoretical part of the course in a practical way through already given 3D, and 2D drawings.

Course assessment :

Course Assessment: Assessment form Grade% Assignment & Mini project 45% Mid- term exam 15% Final exam 40%

Recommended text books :

  • James T. Davis, James C. Watkins.(2001): Architectural Delineation: Presentation Techniques and Projects , 2nd edition Kendall Hunt Pub Co; US
  • Francis D.K. Ching.(2003) Architectural Graphics, 4th edition, , John Wiley. Canada

Recommended refrences :

  • Adam Marioka & TerryStone (2008), COLOR DESIGN WORKBOOK, Rockport publishers, USA
  • Doyle Michael E.(2007):Color Drawing: Design Skills and Techniques for Architects, and Interior Designers, 3rd edition , John Wiley &Sons. Canada.
  • Farrell,Terry (2008), Color for architecture today, Porter, T &Mikellides, B Edition, Taylor & Francis, Uk.
  • Krier,Rob, G.Bribain (1993); \”Elements of Architecture\” , ,A.D. publications.