EA 451 – Urban Design

Course lecturer :

Associate Prof. Dr. Riham Ragheb

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

– Develop an understanding of the different theories, principles, processes and procedures of urban design – Enhance the student\’s practical skills in urban design in a variety of functional categories, such as housing, central business districts and other activity centers.

Course description :

In this course the student is to study the urban space as a very important element to form the city image, its divided into several parts:

  1. Urban design terminology, historical background, and urban spaces typology
  2. Theories of urban spatial design
  3. An urban space features (spaces, buildings, pathways, edges, approaches and values).
  4. Peoples and urban space (human needs, human scale, culture and traditions).

In addition to the examination of the nature of the traditional urban spaces, this course then discusses the relation between the environmental features and urban spaces. Development of urban spaces in the late 20th century. In addition to learning the strategies of correcting local problems of spatial structure in the Egyptian cities.

Course assessment :

1. Midterm Exam 15 % 2. Quizzes (6) 10 % 3. Assignments 10 % 4. Mini projects 15 % 5. Final Exam 50%

Recommended text books :

• Donald Watson, Allan plattus and Robert Shibley, 2001; Time Saver for Urban Design, McGraw- hill

Recommended refrences :

  • Fredrick R. Steiner & K.Butler, 2006. Planning & Urban Design Standards (Ramsey/Sleeper Architectural Graphic Standards Series), American Planning Association.
  • Urban Design Associates, 2003. The Urban Design Hand Book: Techniques & Working Methods, W. W. Norton & Co.
  • Paul D. Sprieregen, 1965; Urban Design, The Architecture of Town and Cities, McGraw- hill
  • Roger Trancik, , 1986; Finding the Lost Space, Theories of Urban Design, Van Nostrand Rienhold
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