CM405 – Construction Contracting

Course lecturer :

Prof. Ahmed Hussein

Course assistant :

Eng. Ahmed Hamouda
Eng. Sara Nassef

Course objectives :

To enable students to:
i) Construction contracts, ii) Contract definition, iii) Types of contracts, iv) Bidding Strategies.

Course description :

Introduction to the basic construction industry and its problems. Participants in a construction contract, contract definition, types of contracts, formation principles of a contract, performance or breach of contractual obligations. Analysis and comparison of the different kinds of contracts used in construction. Bidding logistics. Legal organizational structures. Different types and uses of specifications

Course assessment :

Mid-term exams 20 % Assignments 5 % Quizzes 10 % Reports 5 % Project 10 % Final term exam 50 % Total 100 %

Recommended text books :

Keith Collier , “Construction Contracting,\” 3rd Edition, prentice Hall May 2008 ISBN-13:978-0137559275

Recommended refrences :

Richard H. Clough and Glenn A.Sears,\” Construction Contracting \”7th Edition, April 2005 ISBN:97.0-471-44988-1