CE 353 – Distributed System and Web Services

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mohamed Elkholy

Course assistant :

  • Eng. Nehal Fathi
  • Eng. Khaled Alaa

Course objectives :

To enable students to: i) Familiarize with Architectures, Processes, Communication and fundamentals. ii) Define Names, identifiers, and addresses. iii) Define clock synchronization, Consistency and replication. iv) Identify cases advocating the appropriate use of communications systems or computing systems technologies

Course description :

The course introduces IPC and RPC standards: CORBA and RMI, web services for B2B projects. XML overview, SOAP protocol, UDDI and WSDL, security issues, middle ware products and multi-tier architecture, new trends.

Course assessment :

Year Work 30% Mid Term 20% Final Exam 50%

Recommended text books :

Andrew S. Tanenbaum, \”Distributed systems principles and paradigms”, 2nd Ed.

Recommended refrences :