BE206/EB206 – Special Functions

Course lecturer :

Dr. Engy ElNayal

Course assistant :

Eng. Ahmed Saeed Ibrahime Amer

Course objectives :

After passing the course the students should be able to: Demonstrate the domain of validity of solution, Solve D.E. by the method of Frobenius , Apply recurrence relations and the orthogonality property of Legendre Polynomials, calculate recurrence relations and orthogonality property, Construct generating function and recurrence relations, demonstrate Applications for Elliptic Functions, and perform applications for Unit-step Function and Dirac Function

Course description :

This course is designed to introduce to the students, of Engineering faculty, the bases of solving differential equations by means of infinite series and master the use of Special functions as Legendre, Hermit, Laguerre and Techebyshev Polynomials ,and Bessel ,Elliptic and Unit-step Functions

Course assessment :

Mid Term Written Exam 20 Quizzes 25 Assignments 5 Final Written Exam 50

Recommended text books :

Calculus and analytic geometry”, Sherman K. Stein and Anthony Barcellos, McGraw-Hill

Recommended refrences :

Calculus: A Complete Course”, Robert A. Adams, Addison-Wesley, sixth edition