OB 212 – Oral Biology I

Course lecturer :

Prof.Dr. Thanaa Saadeldein [Head of department of Oral Biology], Prof.Dr. Fayza Eldaly, Prof.Dr. Hanaa Ali, Prof.Dr. Amira Alnozahy, Assis.Prof.Dr. Manal Saad

Course assistant :

Iman Salem, Omnia Magdi, Aya Adel, Maha Montaser, Reem Salah, Riham Abdou

Course objectives :

After completing this course, students should be able to: *Differentiate between healthy & diseased dental tissues structure. *Benefit from this knowledge in interpreting some normal clinical situations. *Appreciate normal development of orodental tissues, thus understanding tissue regeneration.

Course description :

This course develops basic science knowledge in orofacial embryology, and gives the student an appreciation of normal growth as well as some insights into the bases of craniofacial malformations, thus providing the understanding of the basics of biomimetics. The student learns the basic structure & function of tooth elements as well as those of dental supporting tissues.

Course assessment :

Quiz 10% Mid term Exam. 20% (written & practical) Final term exam 50% (written& practical) Semester work 20% (Students activities including seminars performance during lab. sessions, practical drawing book of microscopic slides evaluation & discipline and performance during lab. sessions).

Recommended text books :

Ten Cate’s Oral Histology development, structure and function, eighth Edition, Antonio Nanci (Eds), Mosby (2013) Oral Development and Histology, Third Edition, James K. Avery. (2001)

Recommended refrences :

Practical notes if needed