ID541 – Contemporary Art History

Course lecturer :

Omnia AbdElRahman

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

1-Take General view on the art movements acquired in the 20th century and develop artistic sense for the students.
2- Study and obtain the values of each art movement and train them how to be artistic connoisseurs and how to recognize the features of each movement.
3- Comparing and analyzing all the art movements and architecture styles.
4- Recognize the main techniques used in art and architecture theoretically and analyze some art work of different artists and some buildings of different architectures

Course description :

1- Identify the history of modern art and the artistic work produced during that period and how it relates to architecture
2- Studying the heritage of painters and architectures like Vincent van gauche, Paul Cezanne , Paul Gauguin , Antonio Gaudi , Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd wright…etc. and the directions of connoisseur toward creativity and innovation.
3- Illustrate the relationship between the art movements and values on the artworks and its constituents.

Course assessment :

The course grade is 100 in total Interactive learning: (10) Assignments: (10) Mid term exam:(20) Final Exam: (60)

Recommended text books :

  1. عرفان سامي. عمارة القرن العشرين . 5 أجزاء . القاهرة : دار النشر للجامعات المصرية ، 1959-1969م .
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  3. محمود البسيوني, الفن في القرن العشرين. مكتبة الفنون التشكيلية منشورات مركز الشارقة للإبداع الفكري. الشارقة, د.ت .
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  6. -Jencks, Charles. Modern Movements in Architecture, 1986.
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  8. Jencks, C. Architecture Today, Academy Editions, Great Britain, 1993.
  9. Klotz, H., The History of Post Modern Arch.1988.

Recommended refrences :