F114 – Technical drawing

Course lecturer :

Prof. Essam Elazzay

Course assistant :

Eng.Mahitab Elsayed
Eng.Layla kamal
Eng. Ghada Mahmoud
Eng.Afnan Mabrouk
Eng. salma Mahmoud
Eng.Marwa Kamal

Course objectives :

Engineering study of the principles of projection to help the student to imagine bodies and blocks simple and compounding space and develop their abilities to Visualize 3D objects (points, lines, planes, solids) based on 2D multi-view drawings(plan , elevation, side view )
1-technical drawing is a standard representation of an object to create.
2-The drawing must be clearly identified so that their assistance to me the object depicted is reproducible.
3-Typical professions involved in technical drawing have to do are engineers, draftsmen, designers, architects, Architectural, etc
4- To understand and identify the differences among the major types of technical drawings

Course description :

This course is an introduction to the students about the basic and standard for drawing technique, including sizing and folded drawing. The drawing technique is emphasized in how to draw an object graphically, and projection point from surface and arch lines, and projection drawing from different point of view

Course assessment :

• The course grade is 100 divided into:
*Assignments &Students work :(35)
*Interactive Learning : (15)
*Final evaluation: (50)
*Total = 100

Recommended text books :

الرسم الهدسى والاسقاط (دكتور احمد عهدى عبد الغنى )دلر الكتب العلميه للنشر والتوزيع (2011م) الدليل العلمى للرسم الهندسى تاليف (كولين سيموز – دنييس ماجوير) ترجمه قسم الترجمه بدار الفاروق -ط01القاهره دار الفاروق للاستثمارات الثقافيه-2010 . Engineering Drawing and Design by David Madsen Delmar Learning, 2nd edition, 1998. . Engineering Drawing and Graphic Technology by Thomas E. French, et al McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 14th edition, 1995.

Recommended refrences :