Evaluation sessions of the practical assignments of fourth-year students who study Promotions Management course- the Public Relations and Advertising Department were held on 17/12/2019.

The coordination of the session was managed under the supervision of Dr. Hussein Abo Omar, a Lecturer in the Public Relations and Advertising Department and Ms. Hagar Ali, a Demonstrator in the department. The students’ practical assignments included two initiatives:

  • The “Rejoice Their Hearts” “Farrah Qolobhom” initiative where the students visited a nursing home and stayed with the elders for hours.
  • The “Achieving Development by Ourselves” “Bedena Ntawrha” initiative where students repainted and decorated orphanages in Alexandria.

On another level, a seminar about first aid was organized by the students and delivered by Prof. Moustafa Hazem El Sherif, the Head of American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO).