In the framework of the keenness of Pharos University to disseminate the concept of sustainability in all fields and raise the awareness about respecting and doing no harm to the environment, the faculty of Arts and Design organized a seminar entitled “The Compatibility of Interior Design with Different Natural Environments in the light of Sustainability” on Tuesday, 5 November 2019. The seminar keynote speaker was Dr. Salma Youssef, a lecturer in the Décor Department.

The seminar focused on how to apply sustainability to the elements of interior design which are represented in several aspects that the designer must pay attention including, the design, materials and natural energies.  The workshop also included how to choose the suitable materials for the design and take advantage of the natural environment in which the design exists as well as how to create a design that is compatible with the surrounding environment with exploiting its natural materials and doing it no harm. At the end of the workshop, a number of successfully applied models in sustainability were presented to a large number of students who attended the workshop.