Robotics Competition

The faculty of Engineering– Pharos University hosted “Egypt Open Robotics Competition 2019” on 8–9 September, 2019. This competition was held for the third consecutive year, which is considered, a doorway for the Arab Robotics and AI Association. This was held in joint coordination between Pharos University and the Arab Robotics and AI Association. About 163 teams consisted of 700 students from different governorates participated in this competition.
It is worth mentioning that this competition was open for different ages started from 6 years old to the students of universities.
The competition consisted of 4 rounds: Sumo, Ball collector, Line Follower and Innovation competition.

The students of the faculty of Engineering- Pharos University participated in this competition by presenting two projects in the Free Innovation round.
This was held in the presence of Prof. Ismail Yassin- the Chairman of the Arab Robotics a nd AI Association, Mr. Ayman Elkabany- the Vice Chairman of the Arab Robotics and AI Association, Prof. Mohamed Abou Ali- the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Prof. Mohamed Naim- the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.