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Pharos University aim to provide provide qualitative higher educational opportunities (undergraduate studies) that would enable students to develop advanced knowledge and skills, provide leadership and service to their communities, and improve the productivity of their organizations through the integration of practical, educational and research capabilities.

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2017 Students Community Research Projects

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Non-Egyptian Students

  • Means to Win Over Foreign Students:

      • Vision: The strategic vision of Pharos University in Alexandria requires a focus on the different policies of admission of foreign students in the different faculties of the university, being aware of the importance of exchanging civilizations and cultures, and creating different means of intercommunication between different peoples in order to enhance the role of the university in fulfilling its academic, scientific and cultural role.
      • Mission: Support foreign students in every field and illuminate the hardships that might face them during their study years in the university. Provide full information concerning the study plans of the different faculties and the terms of admission, in order to compete on the local, regional and international levels as one of the forts of higher education in general, and private and non-profit higher education universities in particular.

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