I. What is the INCC ?

International Publication & Nanotechnology Consultation Center (INCC) in Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing (5th floor) is the first academic service center in the universities of Alexandria to provide consultancy services for international publication at all stages for different disciplines and in the field of nanotechnology research.

II. Mission, Vision and Goals


Stimulation of the international publishing process and raising the levels of researches in Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) by assisting and guiding researchers to the ways and skills of publishing international researches in all stages of publishing, thus achieving the development of scientific research to serve the patient and the community in achieving sustainable development in the field of scientific research.


Providing consultancy services for international publication at all stages for different disciplines and in the field of nanotechnology research.


  • Annual increase in the number of international researches published from Pharos University. ELC English Language Centre مركز اللغة الإنجليزية
  • To stimulate and promote nanotechnology researches conducted in the nanotechnology lab of Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing, PUA.
  • Integrate the international publishing process in Pharos by assisting and guiding researchers on the methods and skills of publishing their researches internationally throughout all the steps of research preparation.
  • Keep the researchers in constant knowledge with the skills and developments in the international publishing process to face the problems of research rejection.
  • Raising the international ranking of Pharos University within the World Universities Classification.
  • Strengthening the formation of internal cadres of Pharos University staff members.
  • The formation of multidisciplinary research teams of researchers within the Faculty of Pharmacy and the other faculties of the university to produce researches with higher level for international publishing.

Organizational structure:

Chairmanof the centerDeanof Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing Prof.Maged El-GhazoulyExecutive managerAssoc.Prof. Yosra El-NaggarExecutive managerAssoc.Prof. Yosra El-NaggarDeputy executive directorProf.Hend HussienConsultantsDr.Wessam El-RefaieDr.Noha El-Salamouni

Tasks :

  • Provide scientific consultation for international publication of research starting from pre-print preparation, passing through international publication steps, manuscript submission and responding to reviewers’ comments.
  • Establishment and follow-up of multi-disciplinary nano-research groups among different researchers from different fields, including the practical work, the scientific writing and ending by publication.
  • Establishing multi-disciplinary research agreements between staff members and assistants in varying specialties inside and outside Pharos University in Alexandria.
  • Organizing lectures and workshops for staff members and assistants related to skills of international and nanotechnology publication as well as facing obstacles of international publication.


TEL: (203)3877080

FAX: (203)3877149

Mail: incc.pharmacy@pua.edu.eg