PUA Media Training Centre holds a 24- hour training workshop on ” Dubbing and Radio Presenting” from Wednesday 22/11/2017 to Sunday 26/11/2017 at the faculty of Mass Communication. The workshop is given by Mr. Mohamed Swalim, a radio presenter at Mega FM where he presented many programs like ” Insa El Tareeq maa Pirelli” (Grip the Road well with Pirelli for Tyres), ” Tareqna Wahed” (Your Way My Way), ” Khir Agnad El Ard” (The Elitist Armed Forces on Planet). He is now also presenting “Saba El Lil” (Beast of Prey) and ” Fi Al Aglaa El Salama maa Pirelli” (With Pirelli, Haste Doesn’t Always Make Waste). Mohamed Swalim promises that the winning group will partake in presenting an episode of his radio program “Saba El Lil” (Beast of Prey) with him.

The faculty students are also trained by Mr. Tamer Gaber, an international trainer in setting up TV programs and voice over. He worked in many radio stations like “FM” and ” Mega FM”. He was also a voice-over narrator in several TV channels like “TEN TV”, “DMC Sport”, ” CBC Channel”, “Mehwar Channel”, “Modern Channel”, alongside more than 100 international companies like ” Coke- Cola” and “Jumia”.

The students will also be trained during the workshop on setting up radio show; how to run an interview, write the episode script and make a live broadcast. The students will get acquainted also with the dubbing process, voice acting, the methods to be followed in the voice over of the commercial advertisements, commercial breaks and reading documentaries. The workshop certificates will be distributed among the trainees at the end of the workshop.