Chevening Session

In Collaboration with the British Embassy in Cairo, the Faculty of Mass Communication – Pharos University organized a session about Chevening Scholarship. This Scholarship is the UK government’s program for the educational Scholarships. This was held on 25/09/2019, at 12:30 pm, room-G519 at the Faculty of Mass Communication.
Chevening presents the educational Scholarships for the graduates from all over the world. Egypt is one of the countries that Chevening presents the education of MA for a year in any subject and at any University of the pioneering universities in the UK, however the students should have minimally 2 years of practical experience. This Scholarship provides the Students with the financial support to get their MA at one of the pioneering universities in the UK.
This support includes the fees and monthly fees as residential fees as well as round-trip ticket from and to Egypt.
Mrs. Niveen Sharf – the Manager of the program at the British embassy presented the session and talked about Chevening Scholarship 2019 that gives the students the ability to reach the leading positions in their homelands.
She added that the Scholarship selects more than 1500 students annually from all over the world and guarantees all the students’ cost from the educational fees to the travel and residence fees. The scholarship involves all the fields like: Humanitarian sciences, Medicine, Engineering and other.
At the end of the session, prof. Azza Othman – the Dean of the faculty thanked the Manager of the program at the British embassy, the graduates and the academic members at the university.