Arabian Day

Tuesday 10/4/2018


Connect Family, a student-led club at the faculty of Engineering, held an Arabian Day for all PUA students on Tuesday 10/4/2018. The Student’s Union of the faculty of Engineering as well as all the faculty student clubs took part in the event where they enjoyed well-equipped tents in an Arabian style, Bedouin food and DJ music. PUA students capitalized on the event to display their artistic talents in hip hop dancing, playing and singing in live musical bands, beatboxing and acting in a stand-up comedy.

It is worth mentioning that the day was opened by Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abou Ali, the Dean of the faculty of Engineering. This was also held in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Naeem, the Vice Dean of the faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs; Dr. Alaa Khalil, the Student Activities Leader at the faculty of Engineering and a considerable number of PUA students.