An Announcement

The Conscription and Military Education Office holds four military education courses during the summer holidays. Below is listed the times of courses:

1. The first course from 23/6/2018 to 5/7/2018.

2. The second course from 7/7/2018 to 19/7/2018.

3. The third course from 21/7/2018 to 2/8/2018.

4. The fourth course from 4/8/2018 to 16/8/2018.

Those students who are graduating in the academic year 2017-2018 (Spring Semester) are obliged to attend the military education course. Students from other academic classes are allowed to attend the course as well.

Registration and Payment Procedures:

•  Heading to the vouchers-issuance office at the faculty of Engineering to get the course voucher.

•  Payment is made at CIB.

•  The student should then hand in their deposit slip and the bank-stamped voucher to the Conscription and Military Education Office for registration and receiving the card of the military course.

•           Students are advised to book a place on the courses early. Limited Numbers.

The Director of the Military Education Office at Pharos University

Colonel Eng. Mohamed Farouq Ahmed Fahmy