MLPR-201 – Medical Parasitology

Course lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Mervat Osman

Course assistant :

  • Assist. lect. Esraa Moneer
  • Demo. Maha Khairy
  • Demo. Tasneem mohamed

Course objectives :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; (i) Understand the basics of Diagnostics Parasitology. (ii) Recognize the techniques commonly used for diagnosis of parasitic infections. (iii) Describe and classify the common arthropods of medical interest and explain their medical importance.

Course description :

Topics include a general characteristics and brief description of the life cycles of parasitic helminthes “nematodes, trematodes, cestodes and protozoa”. Arthropods as agents and vectors of diseases. Instruments commonly used in investigation of parasitic diseases.

Course assessment :

Distribution of marks, attendance, interactions in educational, assignment, practical and theoretical exam. Grading (%) Attendance Mid-Term 15 Assignment 3 Interactive learning 7 Final exam (Practical) 25 Final exam (Written) 50 Total 100

Recommended text books :

– World Health Organization, Geneva. Basic laboratory methods in medical parasitology. 1991. – Larry Roberts and Jr.,John Janovy. Foundations of Parasitology. 2009 – Burton J. Bogitsh and Clint E. Carter. Human Parasitology. 2010

Recommended refrences :