MLPR 001 – Parasitology

Course lecturer :

  • Dr.Nancy Abd El-Kader Hagras

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

This course enables students to: 1. Understand the basics of Parasitology including basic definitions and classification of parasites. 2. Describe the life cycles of some parasites, including the infective and the diagnostic stages. 3. Describe the common arthropods of medical interest and explain their medical importance. 4. Understands the medical instruments or equipment used in the diagnosis of parasites.

Course description :

Topics include a general characteristics and brief description of the life cycles of parasitic helminthes “nematodes, trematodes, cestodes and protozoa”. Arthropods as agents and vectors of diseases. Instruments commonly used in investigation of parasitic diseases.

Course assessment :

5% Assignment. 5% Interactive learning. 15% Mid-term. 75% Final Exam.

Recommended text books :

Larry Roberts and Jr.,John Janovy. Foundations of Parasitology. 2009 •

Recommended refrences :

Ballitin of WHO J.Trop