MLMM 202 – Consumer Behavior

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mohamed Salah ElDin

Course assistant :

– Bassant Safaa

– Rana Saeed

– Nadia Fouad

– Ghada Mohamed

Course objectives :

1. Recognize the significance of the immune system in combating infection and disease.

2. Distinguish between non-specific (innate) and specific (adaptive) immune systems.

3. Know the humoral and cellular components of the non-specific immunity.

4. To compare and contrast immunogen, antigen and hapten

5. To discuss the general properties of all immunoglobulins

6. To describe the basic structure of immunoglobulins

7. To relate immunoglobulin structure with function

8. To explain the structural basis for immunoglobulin isotypes allotypes and idiotypes

9. Understand different pathways of complement (C ) activation.

Course description :

This course consists of principles of immunology, the natural factors in immunity and types of immunity, all presented as:

1- Introduction to immunology

2- Types of immunity

3- Immune response

4- Immunoglobulin

5- Antigen / Antibody

6- Complement

Course assessment :

Research project and interactive learning 7%

Assignment (throughout the course) 3%

Mid Term 15%

Final exam (Practical) 25%

Final exam (theoretical) 50%

Recommended text books :

– Roitt et. al.: Immunology 2009 (6th ed.)

Recommended refrences :

– Goldsby RA et. al.: (2003) Immunology, 5th Edition